180 degree Intralox Belt Conveyor

180 degree Intralox Belt Conveyor

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1 meter wide, 180 degree conveyor.
Intralox - variable height infeed and outfeed.


180 degree turn Intralox Conveyor with 1,000mm Intralox belt.

The conveyor's footprint dimensions are: - 4,100mm length x 2,950mm depth x 1,390mm height.

The height at the infeed of the conveyor is 965mm. The height at the outfeed of the conveyor is 1,335mm.  Height can be adjusted.

The inner radius of the conveyor is 940mm. The outer radius of the conveyor is 1,940mm. The conveyor belt width is 1,000mm. The drive is a Eurodrive fixed speed drive c/w motor.

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