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Lunar have stopped processing at their Fraserburgh, Scotland factory and the following equipment is available for immediate sale.

Complete fish intake, bulk grading, batching, holding tanks with RSW chilled water cooling and grading system – Optimar Stette, Tendos, Bitzer, GEA, etc.

The system pumps fish direct from the vessel / boat and also can take fish from tankers. The fish are taken from a bulk hopper to a roller grader where they are graded into 4 sizes and put into tanks from where they are pumped into 6 x large 45,000 litre / 45m3 capacity holding tanks. These tanks are fitted with glycol chilled water systems to ensure desired temperature is maintained. The entire system is controlled by Optimar Stette HMI system which was upgraded in 2018. The operator controls which weigh / grade of fish is sent to each holding / bulk tank. The operator then selects which weighed / graded batch of fish is sent to be either packed in 20kg cartons for freezing, sent to the fresh, wet fish hopper for discharge into dolavs, bins or boxes, or on to the filleting lines for heading and gutting (H&G), or filleting by Baader or VMK machines.

The system chills down seven seawater tanks to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The refrigeration / recirculated salt water system is comprised of the following:

2 x Grundfos circulation pumps (one in the system plus one spare).
1 x Bitzer OSKA8591-K Screw Compressor – manufactured in 2014 – only 1,882 hours use - 132kW motor.
6 x Brass water pumps to circulate water inside fish hold tanks.

The holding tanks are 8.2 m x 3.8 m x 4.0 m high. There are actually 3 tanks, divided to give 6 compartments. Each can be controlled individually.

Also available:

Baader automatic feeders, filleting machines and skinners.

Marel SpeedBatchers for 20kg boxes.

Optimar paper/plastic feeders to line boxes.

Cretel automatic skinner.

GEA 600mm forming, coating and frying line.