Treif Argon Dicer

Treif Argon Dicer

Treif Argon Dicer.

Manufactured in  2012.

This machine stops the cutting process automatically as soon as the pre-determined weight is reached. 

Processing of various raw products

Highest possible product yield



Capacity and Cutting Technology

Packing units / economy packs (optional) in accurate weight

Easy access to all machine parts for cleaning

Gridset changes require no tools, thanks to "Click&Go" grid set.

High Throughput Dicer with PLC Control

With the Treif Argon you can produce up to 2 ton per hour

High cutting performance: up to 2 t/h / 4,410 lbs per hour (depending on product and degree of filling)

Up to 50 cutting programs

High capacity also for smaller dices / strips enabled by the cutting force with up to 300 revolutions per minute of the blade

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