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Food Machinery Resources

Please view some of our articles below relating to the food industry and used food machinery. Food processing equipment is a large field with processing machinery used for a wide variety of applications from cooking and packaging food to increasing the shelf life and palatability of the product. Hopefully, some of these articles will provide further insight into how we can help your business thrive by purchasing second hand food machinery.

French fries

How are french fries made?

Discover the fascinating journey of French fries from farm to fryer in our detailed guide. Explore how advanced food machinery transforms simple potatoes into your favorite crispy treat. Learn about each stage, from harvesting and cutting to frying and freezing, with insights into the technology that ensures quality and consistency. Perfect for food enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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Bowl cuters

Meat Machinery

Discover the best machinery for the meat processing industry with Boyd International. Explore top-tier equipment for slaughtering, cutting, processing, and packaging to enhance efficiency, safety, and quality in your operations.

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Industrial Automatic Fish Portioning

Smoked Salmon Slicing

Smoked salmon, a global delicacy, offers a unique taste experience that can vary based on its slicing. The article dives deep into the world of smoked salmon, starting with its mesmerising smoking process and culminating in the art of slicing.

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