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The benefits of used food machinery

At Boyd Food Machinery we sell a wide variety of used food machinery, but what are the key benefits of buying second-hand food machinery?  Let's look into some of the reasons why you should buy used food processing equipment and how we can help your business.

It will save your business money

Obviously buying 2nd hand food machinery will save your business significant costs.  Start-up costs for a new business in the food industry will be significantly less with the purchase of used food machines.

When buying a complete manufacturing plant or line, it is already set up to optimised and set up for best use and safety standards.  You won't have to spend time and money designing your own line and development process when you can buy an entire system ready to go.

In the past we have sold entire chicken processing lines that could be moved directly from one factory to another, saving time and costs on design and development.  The same goes for the beverage supply chain, we recently sold an entire UHT bottling line from factory to factory and offered many benefits to our client.

For businesses large and small it makes good business sense to look at the 2nd hand food processing machinery available.

Benefits of used food machinery

A greater machinery selection for food processing

Buying second-hand food processing equipment could also open a wider variety of food processing options... for example, you may be able to now afford more machines for your processing line - processes done by employees could be done by machine to streamline your production efficiency.  

Instead of just coating, dipping and frying your product you may now have the budget available to purchase additional packaging equipment providing a big efficiency boost.  In the past few decades automation has played a huge role in achieving maximum efficiency in the food industry.

Older but higher quality machinery

Higher quality machines could also be used to produce a higher food quality - machinery is often produced with different product quality levels, a five-year-old "top of the line" second-hand machine will produce a superior product to this years brand new mid-range machine.  Buying second hand allows you to produce quality products with less expense on brand new machinery.

It is nice to own the latest modern technologies, but more complicated machinery would actually increase your chance of problems...  why not use a properly field-tested machine that has been producing quality products for years?

Food industry machinery is built to last

It might be a concern to buy used food machinery, but industrial-grade food processing machinery is extremely robust and often built from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.  With tried and tested machinery you will have peace of mind to its reliability and success in a working environment.

However, it is important to keep in mind that only reputable resellers will offer you the highest quality machinery.  At Boyd Food Machinery we service and refurbish all of our used food machinery to a high standard with our in house engineering team.  If it does not pass our strict quality control standards we will not sell the machine.

Remanufactured and pre-owned plant and equipment is also good for the environment as it is an efficient use of recycling.

Benefits of used food machinery

Rent or lease second hand food machinery

Budget constraints can limit what you can do with your new food processing start-up, but leasing and renting machinery can be a viable option.  This also gives an invaluable insight into whether your current machinery choices are the best fit for your business, allowing you to make an informed decision on what food processing machinery you actually do need and can purchase alternative machinery instead.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we hope you will consider purchasing some machinery available on our website. Please view our featured machinery deals here.  

To recap on why you should consider used food machinery:

  • Significant cost savings to be made.
  • Your money goes further creating options for additional machinery on your production line.
  • Increased efficiency - buy a complete line already designed and working efficiently.
  • More machinery options are available in the 2nd hand market, and of higher quality for less money.
  • Industrial food machinery is built to last a long time.
  • Consider renting to find the right equipment for your factory.
  • Environmental benefits - pre-owned equipment is recycled

Written: 15th of February 2022