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Salmon Processing Equipment

In the seafood industry, efficient salmon processing is key to success. High-quality equipment can significantly enhance the speed and quality of production, making it a critical investment for businesses in this field. Currently, we have a unique opportunity for those in the seafood sector: a selection of top-tier salmon processing equipment is up for sale.

This equipment comes from a well-established European smoked salmon processor. The available items include everything needed for processing salmon—from manual filleting lines to advanced smoking machines. Most of these machines are still in use, proving their reliability and effectiveness, and are available for immediate purchase. Some items are even ready to be dispatched right away.

This sale represents a rare chance to acquire industry-standard equipment that can increase the efficiency and quality of your salmon processing operations. Whether you're looking to expand or modernize your facilities, this equipment offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your production capabilities.

Salmon processing equipment

The Essentials of Salmon Processing

Efficient salmon processing is fundamental to producing high-quality products in the seafood industry. The process involves several key stages: filleting, pin bone removal, skinning, and salting. Each of these stages requires precision and care, and the right equipment can make a significant difference in the quality and efficiency of the output.

Filleting: The First Step to Quality Filleting is the initial step in salmon processing. The '6 station manual filleting line' available for sale is a notable example of equipment designed for filleting fresh fish. Manufactured in 2017, it includes an ice-melting tank and is adept at handling the delicate task of filleting, ensuring minimal waste and maximum yield. Head cutting and removal is also carried out at this stage.

Pin Bone Removal: Ensuring Texture and Convenience The next step is the removal of pin bones, which is essential for both texture and convenience. The 'Marel 2612.25 pin bone remover', 'Kaj Olesen and Baader Trio pin bone removers' are designed to extract these rib bones efficiently without damaging the delicate flesh of the salmon.

Pin Bone Removal Machine

Skinning: Perfecting the Product Skinning is a critical step in preparing the salmon for smoking or direct consumption. The 'Marel Maja ESB 4434/2 skinner' and 'Varlet V438 skinner' (2010, refurbished in 2019) represent the latest in skinning technology, ensuring a smooth finish and consistent quality.

Salting: Flavor and Preservation Finally, salting is an important process for flavouring and preserving the salmon. The 'Marel CT1403.25 salting machine' automates this process, providing uniform salting that is crucial for both taste and preservation.

Each of these machines plays a vital role in the salmon processing line, contributing to a product that meets the high standards of today’s seafood market. The availability of such high-quality, gently-used equipment presents a significant opportunity for businesses looking to upgrade their processing capabilities or expand their operations.

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The Smoking Process – Tradition Meets Technology

Smoking is a crucial step in salmon processing, adding both flavour and shelf life to the product. Modern smoking technology combines traditional smoking methods with advanced features, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch. The equipment available for sale exemplifies this blend of tradition and innovation.

Maurer Atmos Friction Smokers: Consistency in Every Batch The '2 x Maurer Atmos friction smokers' are central to the smoking process. Available from 2017 and 2021, each comes with three trolleys and cooling units. These smokers use friction smoking technology, which allows for precise control over the smoke intensity and temperature, ensuring a consistent and high-quality flavour profile in the smoked salmon. The reliability and efficiency of these machines make them a valuable asset in any salmon processing operation.

AFOS Smoke Generators: Flexibility and Quality Also available are '2 x AFOS smoke generators', ready for immediate dispatch. These generators are renowned for their flexibility and ability to produce high-quality, uniform smoke. This quality is essential for achieving the desired flavour and texture in smoked salmon fillet, making these generators a must-have for processors aiming for top-tier products.

Additional Smoking Equipment: Versatility and Immediate Availability In addition to the main smokers, various smoking trolleys and wire racks are available for immediate sale. These include 'AFOS smoking trolleys – 1m x 1m x 2m x 30 levels x 12 units' and 'Maurer smoking trolleys – 1m x 1m x 2m x 20 levels x 32 units', both from 2017/2021, providing versatility and capacity for different production scales. The presence of multiple levels in these trolleys allows for large batches of salmon to be smoked simultaneously, increasing throughput without compromising quality.

Rational Combi Oven: A Multipurpose Solution Furthermore, the 'Rational combi oven with 6 trolleys', available immediately, is a multipurpose solution that can be used for smoking as well as other cooking processes. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to any processing facility, particularly for businesses looking to diversify their product offerings.

The smoking process is vital in defining the final quality and flavour of smoked salmon. The seafood processing equipment on offer not only exemplifies the best in modern smoking technology but also provides the reliability and efficiency needed in today’s competitive market. Investing in such high-quality machinery is a step towards ensuring consistent excellence in smoked salmon products.

Cutting-Edge Slicing and Dicing

After the salmon has been filleted, deboned, skinned, and smoked, the next crucial step in its journey to the market is slicing and dicing. Precision in this phase is key to meeting customer expectations for quality and consistency. The equipment on offer demonstrates the best in modern slicing technology, ensuring that each slice of salmon meets the highest standards.

Marel I-Slice Series: Precision and Efficiency The 'Marel I-Slice 3400' and 'Marel I-Slice 135' slicers, both integral to the slicing line for smoked salmon, represent the pinnacle of slicing technology. The I-Slice 3400, a 2021 model, is particularly notable for its precision and high throughput. Accompanied by a complete line for smoked salmon, it ensures consistent thickness and quality in every slice. The I-Slice 135, a 2015 model, includes a 4-person workstation, allowing for additional manual inspection and packaging, ensuring that only the finest slices reach the consumer.

Marel MSC 180 and Nock Disc Slicer: Versatility in Slicing The 'Marel MSC 180 salmon slicer' (2012) and 'Nock disc Slicer' (2015) are also part of this sophisticated lineup. The MSC 180 is designed for high-capacity slicing, suitable for large-scale operations, while the Nock disc Slicer offers versatility for different slicing requirements. Both machines are engineered for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring they remain a hygienic and efficient part of the processing line.

Holac CUBIXX 100 Dicer: Perfect Dicing for Diverse Products For producing diced salmon, the 'Holac CUBIXX 100 dicer' (2021) is an essential piece of machinery. It provides uniform dice, perfect for use in a variety of products such as salmon salads or ready meals. Its precision-cutting technology ensures minimal waste and maximizes yield, making it an economical choice for any salmon processing facility.

Fomaco FGM 16/64 Brine Injector: Enhancing Flavor and Texture Additionally, the 'Fomaco FGM 16/64 brine injector with Filter FM80 (2014) is a crucial tool for enhancing the flavour and texture of salmon products. Injecting brine not only adds flavour but also helps preserve the salmon, extending its shelf life and maintaining its quality during transportation and storage.

In the highly competitive seafood market, the quality of the final product is paramount. The slicing and dicing equipment available offers the latest in technology, ensuring that every piece of salmon processed meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. This advanced machinery is an investment in maintaining a competitive edge in the market, delivering products that meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Advanced Packing Solutions

Once the salmon is processed the final step in preparing it for the market is packing. Efficient and reliable packing is crucial not only for preserving the quality of the salmon but also for presenting it attractively to consumers. The fish packing equipment available offers some of the most advanced solutions in the fish industry, ensuring that the products are well-protected, visually appealing, and ready for distribution.

Multivac R126 Thermoformer: State-of-the-Art Packaging The 'Multivac R126 thermoformer' is a standout piece in the packing lineup. Manufactured in 2021, it features a new 2022 Beckhoff touchscreen control panel fitted by Marel, making it one of the most modern and user-friendly machines available. This machine excels in creating vacuum-packed, airtight seals, which are essential for preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of salmon products.

Henkovac Vacuum Packing Machines: Double the Efficiency The 'Henkovac D3 double chamber' (2019) and 'Henkovac E453 double chamber' (2006) vacuum packing machines are designed for efficiency and reliability. With two chambers, these machines can handle high volumes, making them ideal for businesses looking to increase their packing capacity. They ensure that each salmon product is securely sealed and ready for safe transportation.

Espera Labeller ES 3012: Precision Labeling An essential part of packing is labelling, and the 'Espera Labeller ES 3012' provides precision and speed in this regard. Accurate labelling is not just a regulatory requirement; it's also critical for brand recognition and customer information. This machine ensures that each package is correctly and attractively labelled, enhancing the product's appeal on the shelf.

SOCOsystem T100 Box Taping Machines: Secure and Efficient For businesses that also ship boxed products, the '2 x SOCOsystem T100 box taping machines' (2017/2021) are invaluable. These machines ensure that each box is securely sealed, protecting its contents during transport. Efficient and reliable, they are essential for maintaining the integrity of the packaged products.

Conveyors: Streamlining the Packing Process Various conveyors are also part of the equipment sale, designed to integrate seamlessly with the packing machines. They streamline the packing process, reducing manual handling and increasing overall efficiency in the production line.

In conclusion, the advanced packing solutions available provide an all-encompassing answer to the needs of modern salmon processing. From vacuum sealing to labelling and boxing, each piece of equipment is designed to ensure that the final product is not only fresh and safe but also attractively presented, ready to catch the consumer's eye and meet the demands of the market.


The seafood industry, particularly the segment focused on salmon processing, demands precision, efficiency, and a commitment to quality at every stage of production. The equipment presented in this article — from sophisticated filleting lines to advanced smoking technologies, precise slicing and dicing machines, and state-of-the-art packing solutions — represents an exceptional opportunity for businesses in this field.

Investing in high-quality fish processing equipment is not just a cost-effective decision; it's a strategic move towards enhancing operational efficiency, product quality, and market competitiveness. Each piece of fish processing machinery on offer has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the salmon processing industry, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of quality and appeal.

As these items are available for immediate sale, with some ready for instant dispatch, it presents a timely opportunity for businesses looking to upgrade their capabilities or expand their production lines. Embracing this opportunity means not only equipping your business with the best tools for success but also taking a significant step towards meeting the evolving demands of the global seafood market.

For more information, to arrange a viewing, or to discuss the specific needs of your seafood processing operations, please do not hesitate to get in touch. This is an opportunity to transform your salmon processing capabilities and find innovative solutions to your problems; Boyd International are here to help.