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What is autoclave and retort machinery? These machines are used in the food industry to process and preserve food and to kill harmful viruses, fungi/spores and bacteria. There are many different types of retort equipment available for purchase, such as vacuum sealers and heaters. The goal of a retort machine is to create an environment where the temperature can be controlled precisely so that it's always at or above 240°F (116°C). This ensures that all bacteria will be destroyed before the product enters distribution channels.

There are many benefits to using a retort machine, including increased shelf life, safer products for consumers by eliminating pathogens like Salmonella or E-coli; more nutritious foods because ingredients retain their nutritional value; reduced labor costs associated with processing times being cut.

Boyd International have recently sold cooking kettles, Marel linear ovens, and heat sterilising machinery.

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Marel 400 Linear Oven Marel 400 Linear Oven
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